• New Digital Distortion Me

    From Nightfox@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to All on Wed Dec 30 18:13:00 2009
    For all Synchronet sysops using Digital Distortion message lister, I have just released a new version which fixes a bug when replying to a message - Previously it would add extra quote characters to the beginning of each line in the message; the new version does not, since that's the job of the message editor.

    The new version can be downloaded here: ftp://digdist.bbsindex.com/bbs/SYNC_JS/ddml_117.zip

    For Synchronet sysops unfamiliar with my message lister, my message lister is a script that will list the messages in a sub-board and allow the user to navigate the list and optionally reply to messages. It features lightbar and traditional user interfaces.


    Synchronet Digital Distortion: digitaldistortionbbs.com