• Another message lister up

    From Nightfox@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to All on Wed Jan 6 23:08:00 2010
    For Synchronet sysops using Digital Distortion Message Lister, I've released yet another update today, version 1.18. In this release, there is a new option you can set in the configuration file to tell it to display either the import date or the "written" date of the messages. This may be useful because for networked message sub-boards, there is often a difference between the message written dates and the import dates, so you can decide which you want it to show. For instance, if you set up a new set of networked sub-boards and go download all the messages, there may be some messages that are a couple years old, even though the import date is the date the messages were imported into the sub-boards. The previous version of my message lister showed the import dates by default.

    The new version is available here: ftp://digdist.bbsindex.com/bbs/SYNC_JS/ddml_118.zip


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