• Solar Realms Elite title

    From Captain Kirk@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to All on Wed Feb 6 11:42:00 2013
    I ran into a conundrum today and wondered if anyone might be able to shed any light.

    I was a big fan of SRE back in the early 1990s and played it a lot. Best as I can remember, almost every instance of SRE that I played back then had an ANSI title screen with the letters SRE beside a space ship. You can see an example of that screen here:


    I actually made that screen shot back in 2006. I probably captured it from Fire Escape's BBS in St. Louis (bbs.fehq.org, but defunct now)

    Anyway, I wanted to remake this screen shot for my BBS door game wiki using a different method of capturing to be consistent with my other new screen shots. However NONE of the SRE games I have tried on any current BBSes has this title screen!

    So, I talked with Amit Patel (author), and he said that the official SRE distribution did not have such a screen. So someone added it on, either as
    part of a flavor, or something else. (All of SRE's screens could be replaced or customized)

    Anyway, I was quite surprised to learn this. My memory is that most (but not all) BBSes where I played SRE in the 1990s had this screen.

    Anyone know anything about it? Who made the screen, or where it came from? I have looked through a bunch of SRE "flavors" but have yet to find one with this screen.

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