• Synchronet + RPi + LCD Di

    From Lodger@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to All on Tue Nov 24 18:50:00 2015
    So I got this Raspberry Pi model B+. And I have this 20x4 lcd display. Hmm ... how about plugging it all togehter and have it display synchronet data like emails per day, messages per day etc.

    Hmm... it works rather well: https://twitter.com/Wintermute_BBS/status/668887862390165504

    But there are a few issues to address. For example: I use a .js script to trigger a (linux) native binary called 'lcd_status'. I wrote that using C and the WiringPi library. Anyway, I use events to update the display. One is a timed event that triggers every minute. The other is the logon event which runs the .js script every time someone logs on. So far, so good.

    Now there's the logoff and the logout events. Both won't work since logout will not be triggered during quick logoff and the logoff event which may come in hanndy in this case triggers at a point where the javascript objects of the system are no longer accessible. So this is where I'm stuck.

    Wintermute BBS +++ telnet://wintermute.bbsindex.com +++
    FIDO: 2:240/8002 GER-BBS: 75:18/7 SURVNET: 9:92/2

    Synchronet Wintermute BBS +++ telnet://wintermute.bbsindex.com