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    Hi all,

    Anyone into Android development?

    I have recently compiled my own android linux kernel for my device, as the sources released by my manufacturer were for 1.6 and 2.2. With some difficulty, I was able to compile a working Gingerbread 2.3 kernel. It's much, much harder when your vendor does not release the full and proper sources for all hardware components--we had to piece together the light, proximity and gravity sensors, along with other things. It was definitely a painful experience.

    Anyone else do this, or any kind of application development for Android? Would love to compare notes.

    FYI - I started from AOSP gingerbread branch, pulled the kernel config off my device from manufacturer, borrowed some parts of the device source tree from similar hardware phones with open sourced devices, and about a thousand source hacks later, had a working compile. Is there a better way, when we don't have the full device tree sources?

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    Re: Android development
    By: art to All on Sat Oct 08 2011 07:12:28

    Anyone into Android development?

    I know it's been a few years since you posted this message.. I wanted to reply since I've started doing some Android development - Mainly at work, but there's also an Android project I started working on at home that I have yet to complete.

    Because Android Studio 1.0 was released last month, we've started our conversion to Android Studio (from Eclipse) at work. I hadn't used Android Studio until now, and so far I'm excited about it. The user interface looks really nice, and I'm impressed with its Gradle integration. We were already using Gradle to build our project at work, and I was concerned that Android Studio might not handle a pre-existing customized Gradle build, but it seemed to integrate with it quite well. Android Studio is able to learn what it needs to know by reading your Gradle scripts, and it does that quite well. After importing our project, Android Studio was able to list all of the sub-projects in the IDE just from reading the Gradle scripts, and Android Studio is able to build, clean, etc. by executing the standard Gradle tasks. It seems to work quite well.


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