• #define to re-define language keywords

    From Nightfox@DIGDIST to All on Thu May 24 12:44:13 2018
    A while ago, I heard that one method that some people were using to unit test a class was to use this to be able to access private members of a class:

    #define private public

    That way, you could perform a test and access the private members of a class to ensure the test results are what was expected. When I heard about that, I thought it was clever, but seemed wrong to do that. And some would argue that you probably wouldn't need to directly verify the private members of a class instance..

    Also, I remember hearing that in a more recent version of C++ (C++11? C++14?), using #define to re-define language keywords is now considered an error, so it is no longer allowed in the language..


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