• PERL Persistent Connectio

    From Dumas Walker@DIGDIST/CAPCITY2 to ALL on Tue Dec 21 16:14:00 2021
    Good afternoon,
    Has anyone ever tried writing a PERL script to keep a network connection persistent after they lock their Windows PC? I have searched google and
    found a couple of ideas, but I think most of them are code to add to larger scripts that keep the connection brought up by that script persistent until
    the script ends.

    In my case, I am running a program on my PC that is dealing with data that
    is on the network. The program runs a long time, so I am not able to sit
    in front of the PC long enough to keep the machine from locking. Because
    the machine is at work, it needs to be locked when I am not sitting there.

    We have tried changing the power settings. That worked some, but the
    machine still will sometimes drop the network connection after it is locked.

    Someone mentioned a java script that would keep the machine from going completely asleep/droping the network when it is locked, so I am wondering
    if I can accomplish the same thing using PERL.


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