• Any onther assembly coder

    From Nightfox@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to Elder0010 on Fri Oct 28 09:21:00 2016
    I don't, although I took a couple of Intel x86 assembly language
    classes in college. I thought it was fun. I haven't done any
    assembly coding since those classes though (I've used other
    languages in my jobs since then).

    x86 is cool, but I think that if you start with 6502 it's better because you can handle it easier. Less opcodes, simpler processes and so on. And also you can work with some very cool machines of the past which required ASM necessarily to obtain serious results, and the nostalgia factor will motivate you more! I have coded and released some demos and crack intros for the Commodore64, and for some of them I have provided the source code as well. You can check it out at bitbucket.org/elder0010

    That sounds interesting.

    I thought x86 assembly was alright. I think my assembly classes in college taught x86 because Intel x86 is very common in the marketplace for business & home computers. They would adjust their curriculum so that students would have the most marketable job skills according to what the job market was looking for.


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  • From Deavmi@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to Nightfox on Wed Mar 22 17:58:00 2017
    I should try assembly out oneday. Looks very fun and interesting.


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