• Rough Rider Support

    From JIMMY ANDERSON@VERT/OTHETA to ALL on Tue Oct 26 14:36:00 2021

    Just wanted to say that Heritage/Taurus has actually stepped
    up their support game!!!

    I bought a Rough Rider in July while in Middle/East Tennessee
    (same day wife bought her SIG) while at Smokey Mountain Knife
    Works. Didn't shoot it for over a month - then couldn't hit
    with it!

    Did some experimentation with my son's help and we determined
    that if you put the front site, instead of in the groove, but
    where it was hidden by the right hand side of the 'groove' then
    it was on target.

    So I called and they said send it back. I told the lady I was
    worried that since I only paid $120 that it would cost me almost
    half that to send it back. She asked when I bought it - and went
    on to say "less than 90 days old - we'll cover the shipping."

    They emailed me a FedEx label - I dropped it off at Walgreens.
    I got a call about a week later saying it was "out of spec" and
    they would be replaceing it with a brand new one.

    It came in yesterday at my FFL - I picked it up and show about
    5 or 6 cylinders full yesterday - shoots VERY very nice! And
    very accurate! I also think the finish is a little 'better'
    than the original... It's still the black IMOP handles on a
    black frame, but the original looked 'blued, but worn off to
    show black' - this one is like a painted black finish, so I
    actually like that better!

    ... Every crowd has a silver lining - Phineas Taylor Barnum
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