• Postfix and mail redirection?

    From poindexter FORTRAN@VERT/REALITY to All on Tue Dec 31 08:32:00 2019
    Anyone here using Postfix to deliver mail to their BBS? This is my first
    time playing with Postfix, and my last experience with SMTP mailers was Sendmail back in 2004.

    My ISP blocks port 25. I use a mail redirection service that acts as my primary MX and receives email from the world on port 25. I'd like to
    recreate that service on my VPS, outside.realitycheckbbs.org to act as
    primary MX for realitycheckBBS.org and connect to my BBS on an altenate port (I'm using 940) to transfer mail onto the BBS.

    I added a transport_map entry referencing a file called transport:

    realitycheckBBS smtp:realitycheckbbs.org:940

    then, ran postmap /etc/postfix/transport.

    I've added a line for 940 in master.cf.

    inet n - y - - smtpd

    I've got my MX record pointing to outside.realitycheckbbs.org now, and when
    I try testing, it looks like postfix is trying to deliver to itself on port 940, so it looks like it's reading my transport_map. Any suggestions on
    where to look next?

    --- MultiMail/XT v0.52
    Synchronet realitycheckBBS -- http://realitycheckBBS.org