• The Unitech "Unix" poster series

    From Chickenhead@VERT to All on Wed Jun 17 16:19:37 2020
    Hello folks:

    I have uploaded (on Vertrauen) to the main file area "miscellaneous" section a file called unix.zip. Inside it are two scans of the original Unitech "Unix Wizard" posters that are somewhat coveted by UNIX afficionados. Also included is a JPG of the very, VERY elusive third poster, called "UNIX Wars." I was skeptical that it even existed until someone sent me a snapshot.

    I've had these kicking around for years...time for them to get out into the world.

    Both "Unix Magic" and "Unix Views" were scanned from the original posters (I have them in humongous .TIF format). "Unix Wars" was sent to me by someone and not nearly the quality of the first two.

    [Your blood pressure just went up.]

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