• Upgrading Linux Vs. FreeBSD

    From Chickenhead@VERT to All on Sun Nov 8 15:39:52 2020
    So I've got more than one system I maintain...several Ubuntu Linux an one FreeBSD server.

    Upgrading to the newest version is always interesting. On my FreeBSD server I've gone from major version to version without too many problems. But not strictly. I've had the odd package conflict that was a nightmare to resolve.

    Ubuntu/debian systems are always different. The PPAs make upgrading to a new version spicey....but I just moved my laptop from 18.04 to 20.04 and I'm not entirely sure what happened. There were package conflicts. They somehow resolved themselves. But I'm not happy, I should really know what went wrong...right?

    My last update from FreeBSD 11 to 12 was barely a fart in the wind. Probably the most simple update I've ever run.

    [Your blood pressure just went up.]

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