• Ubuntu Dosemu2 Setup

    From The Lizard Master@VERT/NITEEYES to All on Sat Sep 30 15:09:52 2023
    First of all apologies for the spam in the UNIX sub, I think I have everything worked out at least with latest Sync and Dosemu2. I am stil having an issue with the series of doors I want working, but I think now it's more a move to the Synchronet sub.

    I'm not sure what the issue was with XTRNDIR unless it was an add to a later version of Synch, I just decided to go with the latest version and the variable started working, great.

    I changed this in the conf file and the door that worked on old dosemu suddenly started to as well:

    I (Nightfox) tried "$_xms = (8192)... from the DOSEMU2 wiki

    The original door that started bombing post Sync upgrade is still not working, but I'm no longer getting an RTE error so that's good. The original Fossil settings I have with it say the fossil is not initialized. Standard IO and internal routines works, but then it seems to drop carrier right away. These are issues I think I can keep chugging on, I don't know why the fossil driver isn't being found, but looks like a similar issue with trade wars occurs and people have gotten around that.

    Thanks for all the help, I'm optimistic now my favorite doors will be back.


    Synchronet I filled this out to keep people from complaining...