• Argus with Netware

    From Deon George@3:633/509 to All on Sun Sep 1 21:52:30 2019

    Hoping somebody might be able to give me a tip using Argus with Netware.

    I have all my BBS on a netware drive, including argus' inbound/outbound and temp dirs.

    Anything coming in, works well, argus happily receives it.

    However, anything outbound on the netware drive, as soon as argus connects with
    the remote, it complains about the busy files existing (which they dont) and thus all aka's of the remotes are unavailable and no transfer occurs.

    I know its not a permission issue, since I can create anything in the Argous outbound dir and the outbound.zone dirs files as well.

    As soon as I move the outbound to a local drive (C:) mail transfers occur.

    Would anybody have any ideas why it wont work on the netware drive?

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