• [book] On Cats - An Anthology | Hardcover

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    " For centuries, cats have been worshipped, adored and
    mistrusted in equal measure. This beautiful gift book contains
    a selection of essays, stories, and poems on cats by writers
    from across the ages.

    " In these pages, writers reflect on the curious feline
    qualities that inspire such devotion in their owners, even when
    it seems one-sided. Cats' affections are hard-won and often
    fickle. Freud considered his cat an embodiment of true egoism;
    Hilaire Belloc found peace in his feline companion's
    complacency; and Hemingway-a famous cat-lover-wrote of drinking
    with his eleven cats and the pleasant distraction they gave

    " Edward Gorey can't turn down a stray despite the trouble they
    cause him, and admits he has no idea what they're thinking
    about; Muriel Spark gives practical advice on how to teach a
    cat to play ping-pong; Nikola Tesla, who helped design the
    modern electricity supply system, describes a seminal
    experience with a cat that first sparked his fascination with
    electricity; and Caitlin Moran considers the unexpected
    feelings of loss after the death of her family cat.

    "These writers, and many others (including Mary Gaitskill,
    Alice Walker, Ursula K. Le Guin, John Keats, James Bowen, Lynne
    Truss, and more), paint a joyful portrait of cats and their
    mysterious and loveable ways. As Hemingway wrote, "one cat
    leads to another." The book features six black-and-white cat
    portraits by photographer Elliot Ross.

    Title: On Cats - An Anthology | Hardcover

    Auth: Margaret Atwood | Elliot Ross

    Pub: New York Review Books | Notting Hill Editions

    Class: Pets / Essays & Narratives / Cats / Literary Collections / Essays

    Release date Nov 2, 2021

    172 pages | 4.81" x 7.52"

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