• t60 fan replacement update

    From August Abolins@2:460/58 to All on Sat Oct 31 05:37:13 2020
    I decided to tackle the dissection of the Thinkpad T60 and replace the fan, tonight. What a horrid experience. Too many screws to remove! I hoped to be able to reassemble the machine tonight so that I wouldn't forget which screw go where, but now I realize that I need my can of compressed air (which is currently 8 kms way) and I need some thermal grease (which I need to purchase). The Thinkpad manual mentions to use precisely 0.2 grams of grease. Too much or too little would be a problem.

    The product here looks good:


    So... this is going to take another week or two to finish before the thermal grease arrives. :(
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