• March 16th 2022 - INTERNET Ukraine/Russia Update

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    March 16th 2022 - INTERNET Ukraine/Russia Update

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    Three weeks into the invasion of Ukraine, pressure continues to be mounted on Russia to end their actions. Last week Cogent told its Russian customers it's disconnected its high-capacity internet service, and others are taking similar action since then with Lumen saying it was pulling the plug on Russia because of an "increased security risk" and LINX (The London Internet Exchange) disconnected Russian telecom companies Megafon and Rostelecom. Amazon announced that it has stopped accepting new AWS customers From Russia and Belarus, and the debate over the rights and wrongs of the Ukranian ICANN rep requesting Russia be knocked off the Internet continues. In our Social Issues section (where members come to vent) ninak, who's father's ancestors are buried in the Ukraine, tells a personal story of a customer complaint, another member asks how long the sanctions will last, and a thread asks if the Russian regime will destroy all the Ukrainian data centers.

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