• Nature wants you dead.

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    Nature wants you dead.

    "The human body is a marvel - but what happens when it comes under attack? A fascinating guide to why we get sick and how we get better.

    'The perfect gift for the armchair epidemiologist' Wall Street Journal

    "Nature wants you dead.

    "Not just you, but your children and everyone you have ever met and everyone they have ever met; in fact, everyone. It wants you to cough and sneeze and poop yourself into an early grave. It wants your blood vessels to burst and pustules to explode all over your body. And - until recently - it was really good at doing this?

    "Covid-19 may be only the first of many modern pandemics. The subject of infection and how to fight it grows more urgent every day. How do pathogens cause disease? And what tools can we give our bodies to do battle?

    "Dr John S. Tregoning has dedicated his career to answering these questions. Infectious uncovers fascinating success stories in immunology and virology, making this book not only a vital overview of infection, but also a hopeful story of ongoing human ingenuity.

    Infectious: Pathogens and How We Fight Them | Hardcover
    Dr John S Tregoning
    Oneworld Publications | Oneworld Publications
    Science / Applied Sciences / Life Sciences - Virology / Life Sciences - Bacteriology
    Published Nov 16, 2021

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