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    In light of the current political stuff going one with Russia
    in the spotlight these days, this book vists the world of
    double-agents active today.

    The Fourth Man: The Hunt for a KGB Spy at the Top of the CIA
    and the Rise of Putin's Russia | Hardcover
    by Robert Baer
    Pub: Hachette Books
    Political Science / Intelligence & Espionage / True Crime /
    Espionage / History / Modern - 20th Century
    Published May 17, 2022

    "[...] never-before-told story of the thrilling hunt for a KGB
    spy in the top ranks of the CIA, revealing how spies blinded
    the US to the rise of Putin and Russia's dangerous future, from
    New York Times bestselling author and former CIA officer Robert

    "We think we know all the Cold War's greatest spy stories. The
    tales of America's greatest traitors have been told over and
    over. However, the biggest story of them all remains untold-
    until now. Rumors have long swirled of another mole in American
    intelligence, one perhaps more damaging than all the others
    combined. Perhaps the greatest traitor in American history,
    perhaps a Russian ruse to tear the CIA apart, or perhaps
    nothing more than a bogeyman, he is often referred to as the
    Fourth Man.

    "Blowing the lid off the biggest spy story in decades, Robert
    Baer tells the full, gripping story for the first time. After
    arrest of KGB spy Aldrich Ames, the CIA launched another
    investigation to make sure there wasn't another double agent in
    its ranks. Led by three of the CIA's best spy hunters, women
    who devoted their lives to counterintelligence, its existence
    was known only to a few. They began methodically investigating
    their own bosses and colleagues, turning up loose threads,
    suspicious activity, and shocking intelligence from the CIA's
    best Russian asset. In the end, they came to a startling
    conclusion that, whether true or not, would shake American
    intelligence to its core, setting the stage for a cat-and-mouse
    game with enormous geopolitical stakes. Spies and moles may
    seem like bygone cold war history, but with Russia again a
    misunderstood belligerent power, the skeletons America would
    rather keep hidden are emerging, and as Robert Baer shows in
    this thrilling masterwork of investigative reporting, they
    matter as much now as ever.

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