• "because I'm stubborn"

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    Video rental store in small Sask. town still going because 'I'm
    stubborn,' says owner

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/watrous-video-rental- store-still-going-1.6734843


    On the main street of a small Saskatchewan town - fittingly in
    a building that used to be a movie theatre - sits what may be
    one of the last video rental stores in the province.

    Earl Hayhurst has run the Video Stop in Watrous for nearly 33 years.

    "[I] love movies. Always have. Always will," Hayhurst said. "So
    I got into the right business many, many years ago. I still
    enjoy it, even though I don't make any money anymore."

    "Some of the younger visitors to his store are likely seeing a
    video rental place for the very first time, he says.

    "They've never seen a video store. They walk around kind of
    stunned at what they're seeing. And they don't understand
    because they have no concept of it."


    "I've lasted more than 10 years longer than Blockbuster and
    Rogers, so there you go."

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