• vandals, spoofers and handles

    From August Abolins@1:153/757.21 to Charles Pierson on Wed Jan 27 21:18:00 2021
    Hello Charles!

    ** On Wednesday 27.01.21 - 09:34, Charles Pierson wrote to August Abolins:

    I had an incident of vandalism a few years ago. I reported
    it to the landlord first. ...

    A police report is usually required if an insurance claim
    is being done. There are other reasons as well of course.

    Someone spray-painted some graffiti on the side of the building.
    It resembled the anarachy "A", but I could have accepted it as
    an homage to me! :D

    This winter, I decorated the outside of my shop with a
    couple of seasonal potted decorations. I paid a local
    artist about $50 each. One morning, I found one of them
    missing. ...

    That I'm kind of torn about. Simply because of the dollar
    value, it wouldn't be very high priority for the police to
    investigate, unless it was one of many such incidents in
    the community.

    I don't recall anyone else talking about damage or loss to their
    outdoor decorations.

    But, you bought and someone decided it was ok just to ttake

    All it takes is a punk drunk enough or doped-up enough and then
    anything goes.

    Besides the police not making it known, do your fellow
    shopkeepers talk with each other about things? It's odd
    that it wasn't better heard of sooner.

    It is odd. The only other time I'd hear about a concern from the
    police was when it was reported that some counterfeit bills were
    circulating. IMHO, I think the banks should have samples of
    counterfeits so that we can see what to look for.

    There is no known "shopkeepers talk" in my town. A few people
    have tried to build Facebook pages to connect the local business
    community. But I simply hate all the ads that I have to waste
    my time and resources waiting to load. And, since anyone could
    join, our concerns and secrets could be discovered by anyone -
    so I don't bother. As a business owner, I need to learn to
    keep my mouth shut about many things - politics or otherwise.

    Perhaps an invite-only Telegram group specifically intended to
    share reports of vandalism might work. Perhaps RETAIL_HORROR_2
    could be it! <G>

    re: spoofed numbers..
    ..their excuse is that different countries have
    different equipment and it is therefore hard to unify
    everyone on a single stategy or "code" to fix the problem.

    Since VOIP is becoming more common than hardlines, I'm not
    so sure that that is a totally honest answer anymore.

    I agree.. there *has* to be a way to identify numbers that are
    gleened from a virtual pool versus a set group of numbers issued
    by genuine carriers. Then.. simply block all virtual numbers
    automatically. But all carriers have to be on the same page
    about this. But since this all has to do with money (the more
    calls the better), I doubt that any company is going to block
    anything by default.

    Occasionally, I have called back the number on the caller
    ID, only to have it be some eldery ladies home number, not
    some company the message is suppisedly from.

    Ah... Ok.

    But I would be suspect if the number was not familiar - and not
    bother returning the call. If the original call is important,
    the person (if real) can always leave v-mail.

    I just got a call from 905-641-3433, identified as "Unknown" on
    my Blackberry, tonight. A simple reverse lookup revealed that
    it was some telemarketer. And.. there was no v-mail. So, there
    is no way that I am just going to dial it back.

    By the way, your Handle you use at times Ogg, struck my as
    familiar, althoygh I wasn't sure why.

    I figured it out, That's the last name of the District
    Attorney here in Harris County.

    Ogg was a kind of shortcut/nickname to my first name used by
    some closer friends since the 70s.

    I just read that: "It derives from the gaelic adjective 'og'
    meaning 'young' and was originally given as a baptismal or
    nickname of endearment."

    Later.. much later.. I learned that it was the name given to
    describe the open-container format to be used with the Vorbis
    audio codec.

    Ogg has an interesting paragraph about its naming origins in the
    wikipedia page for itself:

    " Ogg is derived from "ogging", jargon from the computer game
    Netrek, which came to mean doing something forcefully, possibly
    without consideration of the drain on future resources.[3] At
    its inception, the Ogg project was thought to be somewhat
    ambitious given the limited power of the PC hardware of the
    time.[8] Although it is sometimes assumed that the name "Ogg"
    comes from the character of Nanny Ogg in Terry Pratchett's
    Discworld novels, the format's developers say that is not
    true.[8] Still, to quote the same reference: "Vorbis, on the
    other hand is named after the Terry Pratchett character from the
    book Small Gods".

    " The Ogg Vorbis project started in 1993. It was originally
    named "Squish" but that name was already trademarked, so the
    project underwent a name change. The new name, "OggSquish", was
    used until 2001 when it was changed again to "Ogg". Ogg has
    since come to refer to the container format, which is now part
    of the larger Xiph.org multimedia project. Today, "Squish" (now
    known as "Vorbis") refers to a particular audio coding format
    typically used with the Ogg container format.[9]


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