• the end game

    From August Abolins@1:153/757.21 to All on Fri Jan 29 19:56:00 2021
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    This is a documentary, apparently done in England, that tries to
    summarise where we are and what might happen next, including the
    details of the end game.

    "Reset", Fourth Industrial Revolution, Gates, Rockefeller,
    vaccines, ..is a lot to process! I did not know about the
    resistance in Spain by the police - Los Policias por La
    Libertad. I have to keep wondering why the media keep
    interviewing Gates and asking him medical questions when he's
    not a medical expert at all. I knew about the planned pandemic
    "exercises", and the Rockefeller report. The messages about
    what the future could hold: owning nothing, renting everything,
    a universal income, purposely creating fear.. all thought-

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