• the business of dig up dirt on enemies

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    "Spooked is a fast-paced, disturbing and, at times, hilarious tour through the shadowlands of private spying and its inhabitants, a grab-bag collection of ex-intelligence operatives, former journalists and lost souls. In this hidden world, information is currency, double-crosses are commonplace, and hacking can be standard procedure. Drawing on his journalistic expertise and unique access to sources, Barry Meier uncovers the secrets private spies want to keep hidden."

    Spooked - The Trump Dossier, Black Cube, and the Rise of Private Spies -by- Meier, Barry

    POLITICAL SCIENCE/Intelligence & Espionage| COMPUTERS/Security / Online Safety & Privacy| TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING/Social Aspects

    General Trade | Non-Fiction | Hardcover | Harper
    Bound: 01/27/2021 | Release: 05/05/2021 | On Sale: 06/01/2021 | Pub: 06/01/2021 | Ann. 1st Print: 40K

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