• Back to the BBS Part 2 - Premieres Live 7PM UTC!

    From August Abolins@1:153/757.21 to hyjinx on Mon Feb 22 08:44:00 2021
    Hello hyjinx!

    ** On Friday 19.02.21 - 17:15, hyjinx wrote to All:

    next part of the new BBS Documentary, "Back to the BBS..

    Check it out here: https://youtu.be/snpbAEN4I6M

    It covers Door games and mods and has interviews with
    Richard Orr (HayesZyxel), covering his new game "Baud", as
    well as Shooter Jennings (Dark Rebellion) and his new game
    "1NS0MN1A", Daniel Kelly (aNACHRONiST) and his newgame "Sky
    Raiders". There's interviews with John Riley of ProBoard,
    Tony Pascale (DreamMaster) and Dan Richter (BlackPanther) on
    modding; and a host of great commentary from Christian Sacks
    (MeaTLoTioN), 'Denis' and Chris Eldridge (Kuriso/FinalZone).

    I caught up with the episode last night.

    I did not know that we had a Grammy-winning artist, record
    producer in the midst, and he writes door games for fun.

    Insomnia sounds very interesting. I like the way the author told
    the tale/inspiration of "the story behind the door game". Now,
    I *have* to check it out!

    Maybe there could be a series that comments/explores/reviews
    current door games.

    Many other good points in the episode. Thanks for the report!


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