• Whatcha y'all think of the recent Dr Seuss cull of 6 titles?

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    Whatcha y'all think of the recent Dr Seuss cull of 6 titles?

    With respect to one of them: If I Lived On Mulberry Street - it captions an illustration of a man as ?a Chinese man who eats with sticks.? The book, in particular this section, was actually altered in 1978 by Dr. Seuss himself.

    Suess wrote/said:

    "I had a gentleman with a pigtail. I colored him yellow and called him a 'Chinaman.' That's the way things were 50 years ago," he once explained. "In later editions, I refer to him as a 'Chinese man.' I have taken the color out of the gentleman and removed the pigtail and now he looks like an Irishman."

    One news article reported that "They also explained that they made their decision by working with a panel of experts who reviewed the entire catalog of Dr. Seuss titles to determine which books contained offensive imagery and stereotyped descriptions of non-white characters."

    SO.. does that mean depicting Latvian maidens, Mennonites (ie, white characters) operating a Zoo is not offensive? :/

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