• Use this sticker or else..

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    Use this sticker or else..

    I just got this "exciting" news that our local business/tourism people have come with:

    "Apply for the Safe Travels Stamp

    Research shows that travelers are hungry for third party assurance in this space. The #SafeTravels Stamp will help provide guidance and assurance to those looking to explore Ontario. It will make it clear that businesses in your region are diligently following their health units guidelines. By choosing a globally recognized stamp of approval, we are setting ourselves up for success when international travel begins to bounce back.

    Apply now for the free Safe Travels Stamp with the Tourism Industry of Association of Ontario, and help build consumer confidence to travel to our region once restrictions begin to lift. "

    The way I read it is that if my business does not bear this sticker, then passersby are to get the impression that my biz is NOT adhering to safe covid practices. F that!

    This sticker-thing is akin to the branding that takes place for segregation and ostracism.

    (sticker pic to follow)

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