• vaccine does not work for 5% of people

    From August Abolins@1:153/757.21 to All on Mon Mar 22 22:27:00 2021
    Hello everyone..

    There is a news story just released from Hawaii

    Three fully vaccinated Hawaii residents infected with

    Officials added that it's not surprising that some vaccinated
    Hawaiians have tested positive for the virus.

    "Remember, 95% of people get immunity from the vaccines and 5%
    don't from the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine," Lt. Gov. Josh Green
    told news station KHON2.

    "Some people are going to dive on to this and say, oh, then the
    vaccine doesn't work. No, it does work. It works in a huge
    percentage of people, but not everyone and that's an important
    message," Green added.

    OK.. but is the 5% failure due to a bad batch of vaccine? ..or
    due to a variant that the vaccine does not cover? ..or for
    goodness sake because the human is faulty somehow? :/

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