• PayPal set to launch CRYPTO checkout

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    PayPal set to launch CRYPTO checkout

    "US buyers will soon be allowed to use BitCoin, Ether, BitCoin Cash, and Litecoin to pay for goods on PayPal with millions of online merchants.

    "The online payments giant has added a new ?Checkout with Crypto? feature ? allowing people to convert their tokens into US$ and other flat currencies ? with no additional transaction fees.

    "The announcement of the new Paypal feature saw a lift in the price of BitCoin, up almost 2% - trading at around $59,000.

    "So PayPal or a Tesla and capital gains tax...mmm tough decision.?

    Personally.. I like this option. It would allow me, as a retailer to "convert" merchandise that I already have for sale (and probably decrease in value as overstock if unsold within a reasonable period). I was looking into something like http://barterpay.ca ..but there is no real assurance that you would get anything back for the merch that you "reserve" for that process. I would look at the bitcoin option something like "hey.. you've got something I want, and I've got something you want.. and it avoids the 3rd party institutions making you slaves of their perceived monetary systems."

    I'm still very pissed off at the banks charging me for making a cash deposit (cash or cheques)! A charge on a withrawal I can understand, but on a deposit? -- not so much!

    My bank also has a forgiveness on transaction fees if a minimum balance is maintained. That too I find like a hostage fee. That minimum $ amount would serve me better in an investment or be cushion for an emergency.

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