• shorthand mnemonics like IDK

    From August Abolins@1:153/757.21 to mark lewis on Mon Apr 5 18:22:00 2021
    Hello mark!

    i wouldn't call it a new generation... just more things are being shortened like we did 30 years ago...

    IDK = I Don't Know (you already looked up)
    WDYM = What Do You Mean
    ISWYD = I See What You Did (There)
    PFP = ProFile Picture (eg: noice PFP!)

    mainly new common phrases for the most part... there are moar but i think urban dictionary and similar cover them better than i/we could here ;)

    Speaking of words.. reminds me of this story that I read on

    "Voicechat AI Censorship: Taking all the fun out of online

    "Intel is developing technology for in-game voice chat for video
    games that will filter out harmful language before anyone hears

    "The software, called "The Bleep", uses AI processing to remove
    insults and hateful language through extensive use of speech-to-
    text filters and monitoring "conversation temperature".

    "Misogyny, name-calling, and racial hate speech, as well as
    other types of profanity, are categorized and can be toggled on
    or off, with a slider to scale the level of toxicity redacted
    from voice chat.

    "Intel announced they're planning to release Bleep into beta
    sometime this year.

    "But the question remains: does Intel even care about pwning


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