• Case against another US intelligence officer, Daniel Hale

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    Case against another US intelligence officer, Daniel Hale

    [RT International]

    'We spoke with former CIA analyst John Kyriakou about the case against another US intelligence officer, Daniel Hale. If Hale is imprisoned, it will be the first conviction of its kind during the Biden administration.

    "Even before the inauguration of JoeBiden, it was decided to appeal the extradition of JulianAssange. Already from this decision, it became clear that Joe Biden is going to prosecute those who disclose information related to national security, just as Obama did, and after him - Trump.

    "The worst part of the EspionageAct, which keeps Snowden from returning to his homeland, which prevents me from going to court ... is that the law does not allow counter-arguments. We are forbidden to go to court and say: "Yes, I did it, but I did it for such and such reasons," said Kyriakou.

    'He exposed the CIA torture program, was convicted in 2013 and served almost two years. Hale is accused of transferring secret documents to the Internet edition of The Intercept.

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