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    Hello John!

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    response "Oh, you meant THIS Tuesday.. "

    I'll have to remember that one when I agree to a bill payment
    by a certain day in the week to my creditors.

    LOL. I've always been peeved that the rules that apply to us (consumuers/customers) don't apply to the businesses.

    Also.. When a bill has a specific date upon which the bill is
    due, I can make the payment "right away" online, but the bank/
    creditcard company still tells you that in order for that
    payment to be recorded in "their" system my payment needs to be
    made 3 or 4 days prior! Well F that! The problem is THEIR
    system. I shouldn't be penalized when THEIR system doesn't
    deliver the funds until 3 or days later, when I've honored the
    payment date!

    Meanwhile, I've discovered a process that WILL register my CC
    payment immediately: a transfer! I noticed that the interest
    on a cash advance is calculated the day the money is extracted.
    The reverse process of that is a transfer from another account
    or another card. When I bypass the "bill payment" to a CC and
    simply "transfer" money to it, the amount sent to the account
    is registered and adjusted right away.

    I think I discovered that when I took a cash advance from the
    wrong CC. The only way I could put it back was via transfer. I
    recall that the previous balance was reinstated and everything
    was if the cash advance never happend.

    Now I pay last minute / last day CC bills via transfers.

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