• "Bugatti-Cessna lovechild!" FLYING CAR completes 35-min test flight

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    "Bugatti-Cessna lovechild!" FLYING CAR completes 35-min test flight


    The BMW-powered AirCar has completed a 35-minute test flight between two airports in Slovakia. Its creator claims it could fly two passengers up to 200kg for 1,000km at 2,500 meters with a cruising speed of 170km/h - and has cost less than $2.5mn to develop.

    Morgan Stanley predict the sector could explode to $1.5TN in value by 2040, while Hyundai have already declared the concept forms ?a part of their future."

    Comment: I dont see this taking off. Just watch the suspension; very rough ride on a highway.. no wonder it is driving slow. No bumpers, probably no airbags.. all that would add too much weight. Oh.. and all that hydrolics.. leaks leaks leaks, or if it's airpumps.. it's still a lot of extra moving parts that could fail.

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    Comment: I dont see this taking off.

    I see what you did there.

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