• luckymobile +2GB extra deal

    From August Abolins@1:153/757.21 to All on Sun Jul 18 21:37:00 2021
    Hello any Canadians that are lurking!

    This is just a heads up on a limited-time offer by

    Get a cheap phone plan and enjoy 2 GB/mo of bonus data for 6
    months with select plans.[1]

    Offer ends July 21, 2021.[2]

    SIM cars also available at select retailers: Dollarama and Giant Tiger[3]

    [1] Limited time offer. One-time $10 SIM Card charge applies.
    Up to 12 GB of bonus data with a new activation on a minimum
    $35/mo. plan, applied as a 2GB/mo. bonus for 6 months.

    [2] SIM card must be activated by August 18, 2021 to redeem your offer.

    [3] Now available at Dollarama or Giant Tiger - visit a
    Dollarama store or a Giant Tiger store to learn more.

    Luckymobile.ca is the self-service/discount subsidiary of

    I'm currently on the $40/mo plan which provides up to 5GB of
    data (as well as unlimited Canada-wide talk and unlimited
    international texts.)

    With this offer, they seem to have provided existing users with
    the extra 2GB/mo bonus anyway!

    Except for one time when the new billing period started and my
    automatic credit card payment didn't register on their system
    (which then blocked me from the data service), and another time
    when the throttling down to sub 100kbps speed was useless for
    most online browsing, I'm fairly happy with Luckymobile.

    The throttled-down speeds didn't seem to affect telnetting into
    BBSes or accessing FTN networks or reading NNTP-based networks.

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