• *?STORY OF THE YEAR? - Pegasus Israeli spyware scandal sends

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    *?STORY OF THE YEAR? - Pegasus Israeli spyware scandal sends SHOCKWAVES around the world

    *[The revelation that thousands of journalists, activists and politicians were SNOOPED ON ](https://t.me/rtintl/8449)by governments who misused the military-grade Pegasus spy software has been met with universal OUTRAGE.

    Edward Snowden labeled the leak the ?story of the year? and called for a ?comprehensive moratorium? on sales of phone-hacking tools and added NSO ?should bear direct, criminal liability for the deaths and detentions of those targeted by the digital infection vectors it sells, which have no legitimate use.?

    Shalev Hulio, NSO?s CEO called the accusations ?disturbing? and vowed to terminate the contracts of clients in cases it had been misused - the software is designed to be used ONLY against criminals and terrorists.

    The spyware has the potential to turn smartphones into 24-hour surveillance devices ? able to record calls, copy and send messages or even film people via their phone camera.

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