• How often do we *really* notice the lyrics in songs..

    From August Abolins@2:460/256 to All on Sat Oct 16 17:51:35 2021
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    How often do we *really* notice the lyrics in songs..

    I had this one playing in the background and I seemed to notice the lyrics for the first time:

    When I was a boy
    I went running off to school
    Went home every evening
    Like there was nothing else to do
    One night I looked out my window
    And while the moon was racing past
    I sat up there and wondered
    Am I goin' nowhere fast?
    I see the telephone post
    I watch a sparrow fly
    And all the lonely souls know
    But I just drive on by
    And I think of all the dreams there
    That never came to pass
    And I can't help but wonder
    Hey are we goin' nowhere fast?
    Nowhere fast
    And I don't have an answer
    And I don't have a clue
    Why people act so crazy
    But I guess I'm crazy too
    A little bit crazy too

    Nowhere Fast - Marc Cohen

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