• REVEALED: Telegram Trumps Messaging App Security

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    REVEALED: Telegram Trumps Messaging App Security

    .. FBI can Access WhatsApp & iMessage Data in REAL TIME

    An unclassified document shows the FBI can harvest data legally and with relative ease from private WhatsApp and iMessage chats. The details were first revealed in January and apparently swept under the rug until a Rolling Stones reveal this week.

    It suggests that Big Tech even helps the FBI snoop further if required.

    WhatsApp produces metadata including contact lists, message time and identities fresh every 15 mins - if handed a surveillance request by law enforcement - while Apple declined to implement end-to-end encryption after agencies pressured them... as it would interfere with surveillance.

    Telegram has you nice and safe though! The platform legally only has to provide your registration date - the least amount of data compared to all other major messaging apps.

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