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    From Jimmy Anderson@1:396/45 to All on Sat Jan 20 10:20:24 2024
    Been AFK for a bit - perusing the messages here reminds me
    that I need to take a stronger point in staying close to
    my siblings... We have grown apart, somewhat, over the
    years. I'm a Christian - most of them are not. One is,
    but doesn't have the fruit that she should; others are
    either agnostic or believe in blatant anti Christian

    So, Christian friends and my home church have become
    my family... But I need to actively reach out more
    to my blood kin...

    And I'm a dad - two boys, who have a boy of their
    own, so I'm a grand dad too. :-) One calls me POPS
    and the other Pop. :-)

    We never had a daughter, but we have a VERY very close
    friend who had a 'less than ideal' husband, so I became
    a father figure to the two girls, though I didn't really
    realize it at the time. One has gone her way and doesn't
    have much to do with anyone, but the other still lives
    with her mom and I refer to her as my 'daughter.' :-)

    I've since grown close to a couple of young ladies at
    the schools where I work, and I've started referring to
    them as my grand-daughters. :-)

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