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    I recently got to spend some days with my son. Normally not that
    unusual of an occasion. But in this case I hadn't seen my son in over
    30 years, since he was around 8 years old. It was one of the very
    special moments in my life to simply shake his hand. And yes, hug the stuffing out of him. :-) I seen a very mature and well mannered man.
    Who has become a Fireman and an EMT. I will have to get used to being
    call dad and sir. We both have pledged to stay in contact and plan on arranging as many get together's as is possible considering the 1000 miles between us. Those were a very special few days.

    What WONDERFUL news.... :) What a joy to have him back in your life, and
    to find out that he's matured so nicely... :)

    ttyl neb

    ... I try to take one day at a time, but often several days attack at once

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