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    From Jimmy Anderson@1:116/17 to All on Sat May 30 16:02:00 2020


    If anyone is interested in talking guns :-)

    Recently I bought a Ruger Wrangler. While I was at the store,
    my wife saw a Ruger AR-556 pistol that she liked. That was a
    Saturday. After we got home she kept talking about it.

    Sunday, she still talked about it, but we had church and then
    Monday we had some stuff to do, so Tuesday we made the drive
    back to the store and brought it home. :-)

    About a month goes by and our youngest son brought his new
    gun out to shoot - a Keltec Sub 2000 9mm Glock version. She
    shot it and looked at me and smiled, so guess what was the
    next thing I started hunting down. LOL

    So we started calling around and hunting one down - hard
    to find! Called a store in Dickson last Saturday and they
    had one, but it was almost closing time and it was black -
    she thought she wanted a Bronze one, but then as the weekend
    went on she decided she'd rather have a black one than have
    to wait - LOL - she's not very patient. :-) Plus she looked
    online at the black versus the bronze and other colors and
    decided she liked the look of the black one anyway, so...

    They were closed Monday for Memorial Day, so Tuesday FIRST
    THING I called and the owner answered. "No, no SUB 2000
    right now - haven't had on in a while" so he took my
    number. Five minutes later he called back. Turns out they
    DID have one in the system - that's what the guy was going
    by Saturday - but it wasn't on the shelf. They found it in
    the back, still in the box. Been there since March and they
    agreed to hold it for us.

    Wife took her mom to the doctor, then we made the two hour
    ONE WAY drive to get it. :-) Next day, she shot it and
    likes it, but the charging handle is WAY heavy and hard for
    her to pull! I started doing some looking around online and
    found that MCARBO makes a TWO FINGER one, as well as a trigger
    kit and other things. I ordred the two finger charging pull
    for her and did some other looking around on their site...

    We both have S&W M&P Shield .40's for our carry guns. MCARBO
    makes a 'trigger kit' for the SUB 2000, but it's over $100.
    I'm sure it's worth it, but my wife is not concerned about
    the trigger pull on the rifle, and that's a lot to spend on
    a brand new gun that's not even broken in <g> but the

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  • From Mike Powell@1:2320/105 to JIMMY ANDERSON on Sun May 31 11:36:00 2020
    Sounds like you and the wife have been busy lately! Sounds like you are
    having a lot of fun with it, though. I don't have a place nearby where I
    can shoot outside so, when I get the hankering to, I am using shooting break-barrel spring rifles on my basement range. The only time I can shoot
    a "real" rifle down there is if I use target rounds (primer only) .22
    rounds in my 10/22. They don't have enough power to cycle the action,
    which makes it more likely to misfire (as I found out the hard way), so it
    has been a while since I have done that. :)


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