From Jimmy Anderson@1:116/17 to All on Mon Jun 1 23:39:00 2020

    I've decided I'm in the market for an SKS - any thoughts

    Classic Firearms tempted me when they showed the big
    batch of Chi Com units that have been packed in Cosmoline
    for 20+ years! I watched the video where they tore one
    down and cleaned it and reassembled it. I loved the
    "character marks" on the stocks and such!!!

    Anyway, I'd like to get one, but locally when they are
    sold they go for abour $400. That's about what I can
    get one for from Classic, after paying shipping, a local
    FFL to handle it, tax and the $10 TICS fee. If I'm going
    to pay that, I'd rather have one no one has done anything
    with or to for 20+ years! :-)

    I was checking Acadamy and Gander and other site for deals
    on ammo and Gander had a 'used guns' section, so I clicked
    on it. SKS - Cosmoline - 20+ years - all that, basically
    the same thing - $342, plus a $15 'shipping charge' to the
    local store. No FFL transfer fee, just tax and the $10
    TICS (Tennessee Instant Check System) fee.

    Hmm... I really wanted to click it and purchase, but
    I didn't... yet... :-) We are in Indy visiting for a few
    days, so I thought no need in it just sitting at the local
    store, and I might just get lucky and find something
    somewhere. :-)

    So - any thoughts?

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