• Ruger LCP Max .380

    From Jimmy Anderson@1:116/18 to All on Thu Jul 8 22:07:00 2021
    Just saw something about this today... Seems Ruger has
    updated their LCP to a generation 3 and call it the MAX.

    My wife has an LCP II .380 with a laser I bought for her.
    She uses it as a backup weapon in a sicky holster. After
    getting the SIG and transitioning to it as a backup, I
    really like the full setup, so was thinking of something
    similar. Right now, I don't have an actual 'backup' and
    if I don't have my holster on me I just drop my .40 in
    my back pocket... Not ideal at all...

    So, they have announced a new one. I've seen some
    things online about it, but THIS video is probably
    the best one so far, and I like Roy too. :-)


    ... Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?
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