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    Hello Jimmy.

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    If you're interested, let me or Daryl know. We can get you started
    in the right direction. :)

    It's certainly worth considering! Antenna might get a bit tricky here
    in an apartment complex; have to check and see...

    There are ways around that, if you have repeaters nearby...

    Don't know, but I'm sure I can find out...

    If you have access to the roof you could lay out a ground plane

    Impossible to get to the roof, but like Sean mentioned, the gutter system might
    prove to be an efficient radiator/receiver. RG8U might be tricky to route out of the apartment without being obvious, but I can probably find a way to do it w/o it becoming an issue with the management. Been here for about 8 years now,
    so they really don't come snooping around my apartment at all; they get their rent on time every month so they really don't have any reason to come here other than an occasional maintenance call.

    I don't think I'll have much of a problem, if any, with the technician license.
    I'm already a CET (since 1990) in 3 different disciplines (Pro Audio, Consumer
    and Industrial Electronics with a sub specialty in computer repair.) Admittedly it's been a LONG LONG LONG time since electronics school and the antenna design/implementation part of the course. Graduated from the 2.5 year school in 1969!


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    Hello Marc,

    01 May 19 00:14 at you wrote to Jimmy Anderson:

    course. Graduated from the 2.5 year school in 1969!

    Probably hasn't changed much. :D


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