• Promoting k9zw.wordpress.com my running ham radio blog

    From Steve Weinert@3:770/100 to All on Thu Apr 29 02:35:37 2021
    Alas Technology foiled my first attempt to enter this message.

    A bit of self-promotion as I would like to invite the readers of the FidoNet Amateur Radio are to visit my blog "With Varying Frequency"

    Have been posting there since 2007, much as a shared-journal. My station is FlexRadio heavy, but you will find lots of other stuff there.

    As I am doing research on the BBS + Ham Radio combination, I'd appreciate it
    if you let me know you stopped by because you saw this message.

    I'm good at qrz.com and the usual callsign @arrl.net shoudl work as well.

    All best and hope you enjoy your visit,


    Steve K9ZW
    Whitelaw, Wisconsin

    BLOG: http://k9zw.wordpress.com

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