• End-Fed vs End-Fed Half Wave

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    Hello Thom!

    27 Nov 22 13:30, you wrote to all:

    OK...I'll admit my ignorance....Trying to wrap my head around using an endfed wire versus an endfed half wave dipole. If I understand things correctly, the half wave is a resonant antenna and the simple end-fed
    is not. will both of them require use of a choke to minimize rf in
    the shack? I would like to be able to operate multiple bands and make
    use of the antenna tuner and an artificial ground if that will help.
    Power levels < 100 watts. Thanks, Thom K3HRN


    I use an End-Fed Halfwave. It requres an RF matching transformer (usually 64:1) in order to match impedence. My antenna is 135' long, and is resonant on 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10m

    I do have an RF choke outside the entry point to my house as well, and it reduces RF a bit. I've never had an issue with RF in the shack (rf burns when touching metal surfaces), but I do have issues with various electronic devices in my house going haywire when I transmit on certain bands.

    A regular "end fed" wire usually requires an antenna tuner that can tune a "random length wire" Such a wire is not resonant on any band, and people say it does not perform as well as the end-fed halfwave (I've never tried it, so I can't give an opinion).

    I love my end-fed halfwave, I've made contacts all over the world with it running no more than 100w.


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