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    Hi August!

    05 Mar 2020 19:36, from August Abolins -> Richard Menedetter:

    The article makes it sound that the billion affected certificates and
    the revocation process is "critical" due to the volume. :(

    I think they talked about 3 million.
    But at the end they just revoked 1.6 million (those that had been already renewed)

    If "renewing" is all that is required, then the revocation
    announcement seems to be overblown indeed.

    The issue is that you only got 24h for doing it.
    If you did not, and if they would have proceeded many websites would have shown

    So, does "renewing" provide you with a different certificate and the processing automatically revokes the old one in one simple step?


    CU, Ricsi

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    Maybe this belongs in the FUNNY echo.
    The cool thing is that I don't have a webcam.

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    LOL - wow

    August Abolins wrote to All <=-

    Maybe this belongs in the FUNNY echo.
    The cool thing is that I don't have a webcam.

    Okay - I thought it was someone actually attempting
    to pull the scam on the list :-)

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