• hackers targeting hospitals

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    Eg. People at work don't need to access Facebook or
    expose company computers to malicious site

    One reason why I do not use social sites because they seem
    to be getting hacked. Take a look this https://www.bbc.com/ news/technology-51424352#:~: text=Facebook%27s%20social%20m
    Twiter got hacked.

    Wow.. That's just a few days ago. Interesting.

    There is a place called ogusers.com that seems to be dedicated
    on selling hacked Twitter accounts - or something like that -
    and ironically, that site has been hacked too!

    https://krebsonsecurity.com/2020/12/account-hijacking-site- ogusers-hacked-again/

    To bad they do not have a methode to check the site to see
    if it's a security risk and block it before the user
    connects to it. Where I work they have security software
    that does it.

    It's laziness. The hacked offices were medical facilities where
    people's private info is used. They should have blocked all
    IP's except the ones they need to connect with their own network
    - that would be an inexpensive no-brainer start. There are
    several simple (and free) ways to do that - no high paid
    resources required. Employees of such a facility don't need to
    visit Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.

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