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    A message from Telegram founder gleened from his public channel
    on Telegram:

    "If you follow my posts, you know that on my Mom's side (https://t.me/durov/156), I trace my family line from Kyiv. Her
    maiden name is Ukrainian (Ivanenko), and to this day we have
    many relatives living in Ukraine. That's why this tragic
    conflict is personal both to me and Telegram (https://t.me/

    "Some people wondered if Telegram is somehow less secure for
    Ukrainians, because I once lived in Russia. Let me tell these
    people how my career in Russia ended.

    "Nine years ago I was the CEO of VK, which was the largest
    social network in Russia and Ukraine. In 2013, the Russian
    security agency, FSB, demanded (https://m.vk.com/
    wall1_45621)that I provide them the private data of the
    Ukrainian users of VK who were protesting against a pro-Russian

    "I refused to comply with these demands, because it would have
    meant a betrayal of our Ukrainian users. After that, I was
    fired from the company I founded and was forced to leave

    "I lost my company and my home, but would do it again - without
    hesitation. I smile with pride when I read my VK post (https:// m.vk.com/wall1_45621) from April 2014, which shows the scanned
    orders from the FSB and my trademark response to them - a dog
    in a hoodie.

    "When I was refusing these demands, the stakes were high for me
    personally. I was still living in Russia, and my team and my
    old company were also based in that country.

    "Many years have passed since then. Many things changed: I no
    longer live in Russia, no longer have any companies or
    employees there. But one thing remains the same - I stand for
    our users no matter what. Their right to privacy is sacred. Now
    - more than ever.


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