• Say goodbye to the old ProtonMail

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to All on Mon May 9 21:13:00 2022
    Hello All..

    FROM the makers of Protonmail approx 6:04 PM EDT(3 hours ago)

    "Say goodbye to the old ProtonMail, and hello to the new

    "Last year we launched the newly redesigned ProtonMail for web,
    which offers a modern look and feel and an easy-to-use
    interface, making it even easier to stay in touch with your
    family, friends, and colleagues. Learn more about the new
    ProtonMail for web

    "The new ProtonMail for web was rebuilt from the ground up and
    at release was missing a few features present in the old
    version. To ensure a smooth transition for all users, we kept
    the old version of ProtonMail available at old.protonmail.com
    and app.protonmail.ch.

    "We are pleased to announce that all features available on the
    old ProtonMail for web are now available on the new ProtonMail
    for web.

    "You can now do everything (and more) that you are used to
    doing on ProtonMail by going to mail.protonmail.com and signing
    in using your regular ProtonMail username and password.

    "Therefore, we are discontinuing old.protonmail.com and
    app.protonmail.ch. In the next few days, you will no longer be
    able to use those sites to access ProtonMail.

    --- OpenXP 5.0.51
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