• will "proton me" catch on?

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to All on Sun Sep 25 15:43:00 2022
    Recently, Protonmail introduced a shorter domain name for its
    users. Instead of @protonmail.com, users can use @proton.me

    "The new domain we introduced (proton.me) was selected through
    a community vote several years ago. The choice of .me embodies
    what Proton is about - building an internet that puts you

    "We also like to think of @proton.me as a code. You can tell
    your friends and family to "Proton me" a file or message, so
    they know anything they send will be encrypted with Proton."

    Any dibs on whether this "code" will catch on?

    I suppose it didn't take "i'll google that.." to catch on.


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