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    Dozens of arrests after interception of encrypted messages criminals

    Article by RTL News

    The police are today busy with a wave of arrests after the further interception of encrypted email traffic from criminals. The suspects sent messages via a company that offers encrypted communication, a service that criminals gratefully use because they can largely communicate with it securely.

    The arrests would have mainly taken place in the south of the country, a source confirms to RTL News after reporting by Het Parool. It would be the company Exclu Messenger, which offers the possibility to send so-called encrypted messages.


    Exclu Messenger is not the first company to be brought down in the Netherlands. This was previously the case with Ennetcom. Its users, many of whom were criminals, used PGP messages (PGP stands for 'Pretty Good Privacy') to pretend they were unobserved.

    In April 2016, Ennetcom's BlackBerry Enterprise servers in Canada were seized and the investigative services managed to crack the encryption codes.

    Treasure of information

    The police and judiciary were thus able to view millions of messages from the period 2011 and 2016 and thus obtained a wealth of information about criminal gangs.

    Decrypted emails are considered legally obtained evidence by the Dutch courts and could be decisive in serious crime investigations, according to the police.

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